Of all the kinds of photography out there, why do I love Family Photography?

Because I believe in it.

Just like I believe the sun warms all it touches, and rainstorms bring life and growth - family gives us our best chance, no matter what it looks like.

I believe we can learn more from living with, and loving, other humans than any book could ever teach us. It might get messy sometimes, but that’s part of the beauty - that’s when our souls stretch and we grow in ways we couldn’t otherwise.

I believe in family because I believe in learning about love and forgiveness, and that when you learn to forgive you become capable of more and more love.

I believe in marriage, and bringing children into this crazy, amazing, messy, beautiful world!

I believe in love in spite of imperfections. I believe in learning to work with others. I believe in having hard days and better tomorrows. I believe in the bonds of spouses, siblings, parents and children.

I believe we can learn from one another - good and bad- and grow into the person we were always meant to be!

That’s why I’m obsessed with family photography and the sweetest connections within it. ⠀⠀

That’s why I am passionate about documenting the best parts of being in a family. That’s why I desperately want you to have your family photos created right now, the way it is before it changes (because it’s always changing.)

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